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Benefits of Singapore Service Apartments

Singapore service apartments

When you plan your vacation to Singapore accommodation may be the first thing on your mind. You need a clean and secure place to stay in as you explore the city. You need a comfortable place to stay at with all the amenities that you require when you are not exploring the city or out meeting business associates. You need a home away from home.


Most people opt for a hotel when they travel to Singapore. Although hotels are not a bad option, they are certainly not the best. If you want to have a great accommodation experience, then Singapore service apartments are a better option than hotels any day. These are fully furnished apartments with all utilities and facilities that you need for a short term or long term stay.


Reasons to stay in service apartments instead of a hotel:


Many hotels in Singapore are great, but they can be expensive. The cost of staying in Singapore service apartments is far cheaper than the cost of staying at a hotel especially if you are planning to stay for more than a few days.


Hotels aim to make money from every single thing they can from you; starting with the food, drinks in the room, washing of your clothes and even phone bills. If you combine all the expenses you have at the end of your stay in a hotel, it’s quite expensive. However, staying at a serviced apartment is much cheaper and provides better options than staying at a hotel.


Self-catering option

Service apartments in Singapore are the opposite of hotel when it comes to food costs. They are self-catering meaning you can purchase your food and drinks and have them at the apartment. It saves you so much when you can buy food from the local market and cook meals at a self-catering apartment as opposed to going out. It cuts down on the costs of food that you would otherwise pay for in cash at restaurants or through room service in a hotel. It’s an especially good option when you have children with you because you can make cost effective choices when it comes to food for the whole family.


Best for family vacation or group trips

If you are traveling as a group with family or friends staying at a hotel will result in an exorbitant bill. Individual hotel bills such as separate rooms for couples and charges for children can take their toll on your wallet.


On the other hand, service apartments in Singapore allow you to stay in a single spacious apartment with a couple of rooms as a group or family with a kitchen, living room and dining area you can all use freely. You will save a lot of money this way especially when you book the rooms for extended periods of time such as a fortnight or month. In this way, with your family or friends, you can stay longer in Singapore when staying at a serviced apartment rather than staying at a hotel for a short stay in cramped hotel rooms.


Comfortable place to stay away from home

Hotels rarely feel like home. You always have the feeling of being on your toes and being charged for everything. Service apartments in Singapore are more comfortable than hotels. For starters, you get an apartment that is spacious and self-contained. The apartments are also fully furnished with all you need such as TV, WIFI, refrigerators, cooking facilities and more.


Excellent facilities at no extra cost

Many self-catering apartments in Singapore also have pools and gym facilities for guests that you can use when staying at the apartment. If you are there on a business trip, you will also find places that offer conference facilities. They also provide cleaning services and change sheets regularly as part of the package. Security is top notch, and they have a parking space for guests as well.


Service apartments in Singapore are truly a home away from home and a great place to stay at on your next trip to Singapore. So why not book one today!


It’s Time to Get Car Insurance Singapore for Your Car

car insurance SingaporeAll vehicles in Singapore with more than two wheels need a valid insurance policy. This goes even for the cars which aren’t operational and are just parked somewhere in a garage. Before you sell such a car, for example, the law will require that its insurance policy is valid.


If you wish to find car insurance Singapore, the first option that you have is in your face. This is the minimum car insurance values that is already set by the state of Singapore. This would be the motor insurance that you can see in Singapore since the law forbids it for any lower. You will, however, have to be sure the minimum is what you desire.


To have a car insurance in Singapore, you’ll need to watch out for the states point system. For example, in case you have a DUI arrest then these points obtained are considered in your insurance plan. They make your insurance costs rise. You should, therefore, try not to get these points if you would like car insurance Singapore.


If you want that car insurance Singapore, you’ll have to shop around before you get it. By this, I suggest that you go comparing all the companies that are offering car insurance. Take your time and be sure that you sign into the least expensive one that you could find.


Do not be afraid to take advantage of the discounts that are being offered if you want that car insurance Singapore. For instance, if you’ve got a three to five years clean driving record you’re qualified for a safe driver discount. Do not be afraid to ask about these discounts as they can go a long way to keeping your car insurance cheap and affordable.


Many people like just to keep renewing the insurance policy that they’re already holding. If you wish to have car insurance, you will need to continue getting new quotes every year. Look at all the newest quotes from all the various auto insurance Singapore. This will help you always have car insurance.

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